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Computer Repair In Arlington, TX

Computer Repair

Professional Computer Services
Over 10 Years of computer repair experience, with on site service and in store repair. If you live outside of the

service area, we offer online tech support for your convenience. in store service offers the benefit of many flat rate fees instead of hourly rates and we have more tools at our disposal in shop, however we do understand it may be more complicated to unplug your computer and bring it in.
We want to give you the service your looking for, We offer a free software diagnostic with an estimate prior to performing repair services in shop.
Please call or email us first if possible to schedule an appointment for computer drop off.

Virus Removal

Get Rid Of Malware
We remove viruses, malware, rootkits and other various agents affecting your computers performance. Do NOT click on pop-ups that say you have a virus and need to purchase antivirus software. This is a common scam, and entering your private information in the provided form will NOT fix your problem and could potentially compromise your credit or identity. Bots, root-kits, viruses will redirect network traffic via proxy to collect your information for various reasons but one of the top reasons is to sell it and force internet marketing campaigns to your browser, here's one more you won't like; if your browser is infected it doesn't matter if your using Windows or OS X, when you check your email in a web-browser infected add-ons will collect your contacts spider through emails and in some cases hijack your email account and even send emails on your behalf. How do you know when your computer is infected?

Network Services

Business And Residential
We offer professional network installation and service, with security and convenience in mind. We install routers, WiFi, firewalls, VOIP PBX and just about any network device on the market. Share data files, printers, local network backups and online data storage, in a secure environment using NAS servers or virtual machines. We also install network cable for business use of data and voice networks. Functional and Reliable networks are built by professionals on a strong foundation, we'll sure you get a list of passwords in case any changes need to be made in the future. If your curious about network security and exactly what the details are.


Hosted Cloud Solutions
A software based PBX is an office phone system to replace proprietary hardware PBX / PABX using the SIP standard, making it easier to manage and allowing you to use many SIP providers and SIP phones (software or hardware). Benefits of using a software-based IP PBX:

PBX Management via web-based configuration interface
Less expensive - to purchase and expand than a traditional hardware-based PBX
No need for separate phone wiring – phones use standard network cable that we can install
Remote extensions and remote offices - so you can work from anywhere
PBX Flexibility - voice providers and phones
We are an official 3CX PBX and Digium (Asterisk) Partner and offer network engineered solutions

Gateway Firewall

Network Protection
What makes a hardware firewall important?
It is strategically installed at the root of your network gateway, that's where viruses and intrusions start
Why Linux? Linux systems are not susceptible to Windows Viruses, or intrusion types.
Powerful firewall features - Anti-malware, Anti-phishing, Network Antivirus and Content Filtering
Email - mail scanner to detect infected email and spam
1 Unit - Just 1 box can protect all network users


Host multiple machines from a single server
A1 Computers wants you to get the most from your hardware
virtualization is a solution that allows for more than one computer system to be run from within a single server.
The benefits are great and cost effective, so stop stacking servers on top of another, when you may be able to get away with just one. Backup every system with a volume snapshot and revert to a time before disaster in just minutes! Use less hardware and considerably less energy. Central management of computer systems. Virtualization is possible in a local or cloud hosted network

server installation

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